Saturday, 19 October 2013

To be continued in 2014 :)

Reluctantly this walk is now on hold now for the Winter.

I'd love to walk all of the magnificent South West Coast Path in one continuous uninterrupted journey. However the reality is I have no option but to tackle it in sections due to work and family commitments. I'm already looking forward to getting back on the path in 2014, which will include a full week of walking during a break from work. It's my intention is to get at least as far as the half-way point of the path during the year, which I note is just south of Coverack in Cornwall.

The path certainly hasn't disappointed so far, as expected delivering a superb mix of terrain; genteel seaside resorts, rugged unspoilt coastline, sandy beaches and just about everything inbetween. I've walked through many wonderful places I'd never visited before and enjoyed mile after mile of spectacular scenery. Perhaps I was a bit unlucky with the weather at times, especially on Day 1 when I was battered by an horrendous storm, though on the other side of the coin I was fortunate to stay completely clear of any aches, pains or injuries. On reflection my favourite part to date was the glorious isolated and rural section between Berry Head and Kingswear on Day 8, simply magnificent. The low point was on Day 4; a tedious detour of several miles on steep and busy roads around Charmouth. The coast path was impassable both sides of town due to landslips leaving me no option other than this unpleasant slog in heavy rain.

I'd like to say a big 'thank-you' to my parents Eileen and Bill who let me use their house as a base for the first two nights and provided the best possible hospitality. Also to my partner Lea for her invaluable support. She patiently followed along in her car on Days 1 to 5, dropping me at the start point each morning, meeting me first for lunch, then wherever I stopped to take me back to our accommodation. She also brought along food, changes of clothes, etc. Unlimited use of 'Lea's Taxi' was very much appreciated!

Many people have asked me if this is another charity walk. Initially that wasn't my intention, however I've been persuaded otherwise after a few people insisted on making a donation to a good cause in appreciation of my efforts. I've decided I'd like any money raised to go to Macmillan Cancer Support again. They're a highly worthwhile cause who are currently giving invaluable assistance to my mother during her battle against breast cancer. If you'd like to make a donation please do so via my Just Giving page which you'll find on this link, otherwise you can forward it to me.

Thanks for reading, Gary :)

Progress to date, 178.67 miles covered in 8 days, about an Everest worth of ascent and descent thrown in for good measure. The red line accurately shows my route as recorded by my handheld Garmin GPS device. Click pic to enlarge.

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